Healthy Green Smoothie For Weightloss / Immune Booster / Beginner Friendly

What does green smoothies do to your body?

Green smoothies are high in vitamin E and vitamin C, as well as fiber and antioxidants. All of these substances work together to offer you a better complexion and clearer skin.

Can spinach detox the body ?

This substance is present throughout the body, and its function is to protect cells against oxidation, and to detoxify our body from heavy metals. … Like tomatoes and spinach for example, it stimulates the production of liver and digestive enzymes as well as liver activity.

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1/2 Granny Smith apple
1/2 Frozen banana(if you don’t have frozen add some ice 🙂
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
4-6 oz water or enough to blend the mixture
1 handful of spinach or 3/4 cup
3 tbsp vanilla Greek yogurt

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