10 Bodyweight Exercises With Trainer Jeanette Jenkins and Megan Birke, Who Lost 100 Pounds


In this episode of POPSUGAR’s House Call, our host Jeanette Jenkins, creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club, is joined by a very special guest: Megan Birke, a POPSUGAR Fitness fan, nurse, and mother of three. Birke has lost over 100 pounds with the help of Jenkins’s workout videos and said she’s doing extremely well physically and mentally.

Image Source: POPSUGAR’s House Call

Jenkins will lead you and Birke through a mix of 10 cardio and strength exercises you can do right at home. The workout itself requires zero equipment, starts at the 5:50 mark in the video above, and takes about 20 minutes including the cooldown at the end (make sure you warm up first though). As for the exercises, you’ll do ones such as push-up to side plank, hook jab with leg switch, and squat to plank. You’ll kick, punch, challenge your entire body, and break a sweat! For those who want a longer workout, Jenkins said to repeat the circuit a few times through.

Plus, learn about Birke and her healthy-living journey after getting diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism and being convinced for years that she couldn’t lose weight or make a significant change. She shares her top tips for making that change, too, so perhaps her advice might resonate with you!

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