Release Your Tight Hips, Shoulders, and Hamstrings With This Full-Body Stretch Routine


After every workout you do, you should always take time to properly cool down and stretch. This important step is often overlooked, and if it isn’t done consistently, you can end up with tight muscles, cramping, muscle pain, and injury. Taking the time to stretch the muscles you’ve worked will leave you feeling better, keep you from getting injured, and can even improve your flexibility. If you aren’t sure what stretches to do, try this eight-minute full-body stretching routine from Kelsey Wells, a NASM-certified trainer and creator of the PWR programs on the SWEAT app.

“Cooling down doesn’t need to be long or complex,” Wells told POPSUGAR. First, she recommends completing a few minutes of cardio such as a light jog or walking to gradually lower your heart rate back to normal levels. Then, she recommends doing a few static stretches, holding each stretch for 20 seconds or longer.

If you’re currently sore from squatting, doing push-ups, or any other type of physical activity, this stretch routine is for you. Grab a yoga mat, and get ready to alleviate those tight muscles!

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