4 Ways I’m Keeping Extra Hydrated During Dry Winter Workouts


There are a handful of things I absolutely love about winter workouts — cooler temps that last all day so you don’t have to wake up early to run, crisp breezes to avoid overheating, beautiful sunsets (yes, I think they’re better in winter), and my personal favorite: the warm fuzzy feeling I get from working out side by side with that icy cool winter air. There’s nothing like it.

As much as I love winter workouts, there are also a handful of things that I hate about them — but none more so than dehydration. Dehydration is a plague of winter in general, but if you’re like me and spend your time outside walking, running, or hiking, you know dehydration and its best friend, dryness, all too well.

Not only does dryness affect athletes externally with cracked lips and dry mouth, but it also affects us internally. In fact, dehydration is one factor for that uncomfortable icy feeling in the lungs when working out.

But there are four ways in which I’m showing dehydration and winter dryness who’s boss.

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