My Favorite Cold-Weather Running Jacket is on Sale For Just $8 Today!


Shopping for cold-weather running gear takes a bit of research. Finding the right pieces — and figuring out how to layer them appropriately — are specific to your outdoor conditions. You don’t want to put on too much that you overheat; the general rule of them is to dress for 10 degrees warmer than it actually is.

In my Northern California town, it’s pretty common for fall morning runs to come in in the 40- to low 50- degree temperatures. I knew going into the fall season that I wanted to shop for a lightweight jacket that would help me warm up quickly, but that I could also remove if needed and tie around my waist. This eliminated any stretchy cottons or thin fabrics because they usually leave me feeling cold once I start sweating.

The Micro Performance Fleece Zip-Front Jacket ($20, originally $30) had exactly what I needed. It’s made of a soft, performance fleece, which meant that I’ll warm up — and stay warmer — faster. After putting it to the test on two different runs, I can definitely say it’s my go-to cold-weather running jacket.

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