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what’s up y’all break from brace Fitness, and I’m back again with another infographic breakdown. Video begins some really good feedback from these videos. So I’m, going to keep him going.

This one is again from my man, Jorden site, make sure you follow him or Instagram. His profile is full of wealthy information and I probably will be breaking down a lot of his videos because he makes some of the best infographics on social media this one.

I know it’s, going to be very, very, very valuable. I know you guys keep seeing me looking down because I’m actually looking at the infographic. It’s not on the screen yet nowadays. So this one is how to write your own fitness program.

So we all have the tendency of over complicating things when we shouldn’t because, yes, exercise is a science, but it’s not as complex as we think it is there’s. A few basic moves that kind of target the areas that we need in order to have a healthy body.

Now, if your goal is bodybuilding, that’s, a whole nother story. But if you’re like me and you just want to be healthy, you want to look good. You want to be strong. You want to have a functional body as you age, then it’s, really quite simple.

So, as you can see from the infographic, there are three steps to creating your own workout. There’s, the warm-up and then there’s. The strength moves which are going to be your compound movements and there’s only, but so many of those then in step 3, your accessory work and that’ll include exercises that target specific muscle so step one.

You always want to warm up. I usually do a few minutes of cardio or jump rope, and then I’ll. Do active stretching me personally, I don’t. Think it’s smart to do static stretching before you work out, which is the stretching that you hold.

I personally think you’re, smarter to warm up with dynamic stretches, which is basically movements that mimic the movement pattern of the particular exercises that you plan to do so, for instance, if you’re gonna be squatting, you’ll be doing things to warm up your groin, you’ll.

Do some air squats, you’ll. Do some walking lunges things like that movements that will lubricate the joints? You know warm up the muscles and just prepare you about. For the exercise – and it helps you prevent injury – that’s step one.

Just warm up warm up with some cardio warm up with some dynamic moves, step to delist. Five different strength moves in this infographic right. The deadlift, which is your hinge, your squat, which is your squat.

Your bench press, is your pressing movement. Your overhead press is your overhead pressing movement and then you pull your pull up, which is your pulling movement, so there’s, pulling squatting, pressing overhead pressing and then the hip hinge movement right.

These are your basic movements when it comes to compound exercises. So these exercises are not going to target a specific muscle. These exercises work two or three muscles at the same time, so it it basically covers more of your body with one exercise, and it makes it a lot simpler for you to kind of cover your whole body.

So you’ll pick one to two of these exercises. I do want you to supplement the information from this video by just doing a little bit of research. Just Google compound movements and you’ll, be able to choose the exercises from that list and use the formula from this infographic to create your own workouts and lastly, step three is the accessory working and, as you can see it’ll.

Be like more legs specific, shoulder, specific biceps, glutes, arms and abs, so you’ll, choose three to five of these exercises and just do one or two sets of each for your strength moves and for your accessory work.

Just do one or two sets 12 to 15 reps for beginners, and just do that. If you do that consistently and you you know, you make your little list of stretch, strength moves, you make your little list of accessory work, you mix and match him, and you just try to cover your body that’s.

All it’s. Really that simple before you know it, you’ll slowly start progressing. You’ll, start being able to lift more weights. You’ll, start adding more sets and more reps or less reps and more weight, etc.

But just start with the basic in this right here it doesn’t get any more basic than this. So I hope this video helped you guys. Briggs, Fitness comm, you have the strong mind, strong body t-shirts. We have a few left.

These are going to be extinct. I’m, not ordering any more. We got the new logo it should be, it should be. I got to keep it under wraps. The new logo is coming up. We have a full line of merch coming out it’s about to be lit.

Like I’m excited about this anyway, I’m just trying to share the Wellness with you guys. As always so get well and give money

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