what’s up guys welcome to another video another? It’s, not a vlog today. Actually I’m switching it up, because I asked you guys in the comment section I said: hey. What do you guys want to see more of like tell me a video what you guys want to see, and someone said I want a video seeing how to program a workout for people that can’t afford a coach can’t Afford a trainer that they have like some knowledge when it comes to working out exercises they just they don’t know how to put a workout together.

This video is very general. It could be more suited for beginners, and I’m. Excited I’m excited because I was just like gosh it’s such a cool video. I don’t know if anyone’s has done this before I had fun mapping this whole thing out.

So let’s get started. First of all, it’s, not a vlog. So let’s, throw me off, but got half the coffee in there so and PS. I spilt them, and I also got marker on me, so it’s, not it’s. Not my day today I’ve, been a little clumsy mmm.

It’s only game every day, every day’s like that, so we’re gonna go over a couple things, so I mapped out as all of this stuff on the board, because we have this massive whiteboard. These eight haven’t used it at all.

So I was like you know what we are gonna dry, everything out on whiteboard. It’s, gonna be fun, so that’s. What we’re doing when it comes to putting together workout program it’s, not something that someone just throws together.

You can’t just throw together a legit awesome, workout program that’s, why? You know trainers do this. This is why coaches do this. This is why athletes put together workouts it’s, because there’s, a science behind it.

It is not as easy as 1. 2 3 ABC things that go into it. There’s, a lot of science that goes behind it. Honestly, I really enjoy putting it putting together, workout programs, sometimes even like my friends and family, they’ll, say hey.

Can you put together workout program from you’re like yes, and so I’ll sit down, and I ask 25 different questions on my questionnaire. It’s, not as simple it’s like how much you weigh how tall are you that way? I can kind of get to know the person what their experience is if they ‘

Ve had me like past injuries, or anything like that. I need to know those things to create a workout program, but this video is going to be very general. Is for beginners it if you cannot afford a coach or a trainer, and you just want a general kind of guidance on how to put together your own workout plan.

It is a great thing to get a coach in a trainer, someone that can help guide you, especially if you are unfamiliar with these exercises. You want to go to get your form down. So if you do take this video and create your own workout plan and kind of put things together, just make sure that you do research.

You have access to a trainer or coach in order to practice these exercises and make sure that you are getting the form down, because that is number one. A lot of first thing we’re going to go over is when it comes to a training program.

What is your goal? Because there are so many different ways that you can train your body find out what your goal is. Is that to become stronger, some people, you know, especially guys like I just want to get stronger.

I’m like all right cool there’s. There’s, a training technique for that. Maybe you want to build some muscle, maybe you just want to work on your endurance, we want to start cutting and you have the muscle mass, but now you want to shape the muscle mass type of thing.

You want to shred the fat to uncover that muscle. Mass that’s kind of what this is for so figure out what you’re wanting to do me. Personally, I do a mixture of all of all three really. I try to stick more of to the muscle mass building, but I will still dabble into strength training, heavier squads, deadlifts, all that so and then I also still do some endurance training, so I kind of dabbled into all three how often to work out for beginner.

I suggest working out three days a week like three to four, but for the sake of this video I like to make everything organized, I said: hey. It was focused on three days lifting and then like two days of like abs and cardio, but three lifting days.

Why do I suggest that and a lot of beginners go out there and say I’m going to work out seven days a week I’m gonna eat fish. I mean tilapia for the rest of my life. It’s, gonna be great. If you’re going from one extreme to the next, you’re gonna burn out.

If you’re, going from not working out at all to seven days a week, eating fish, tilapia training hard your body’s, gonna say I know like this – is too much you have to ease into it, especially to avoid an Injury as well, because some people get the gym and I just start going hard, I might calm down calm down.

Are you got time and it’s, something that really helped me when I was started lifting weights, I used to hate the gym, but for me what helped me I sounds like uh after the gym. Okay, if I go today getting into that habit of that, I was like okay every other day, Heidi food and Jim.

I’m gonna reward you by not having to go tomorrow perfect, and I got into that habit of doing that and then so. I went for my three days a week four days a week, five days away six days a week, depending on what now I kind of do like five days a week, five or six days a week, and I love it.

I enjoy it so much more now, because I started seeing results. My body and I made me feel good that’s kind of why I suggest three days a week and because you’re gonna be sore. When you’re first start working out, you were going to be sore and you were going to need some time to recover.

So I think three days a week is perfect when you were a beginner, but if you want to go more than that and you can keep that up and go for it. I am NOT saying don’t. Do that. I’m saying that if you hate the gym – and you were just not looking forward to it right now, just doing start – maybe starting out 3 days a week, make it something attainable for you will really help.

Next thing is main training days when it comes to lifting weights. You have six different muscle groups, have your legs shoulders back, biceps, chest and triceps, and then your core of course. So if we’re gonna break it down into three training days, I have Monday legs and shoulders Wednesday back and biceps Friday, chest and triceps, and then I I would suggest Tuesday and Thursday is when you could do like your cardio and your Abs, so you want to slide those in there or, if you want to do.

You know two cardio days after, like back and biceps, I don ‘ T really suggest you in on legs, so that’s, a long that’s a long day. If you want to just go to the gym three days a week, maybe do your abs and cardio on Wednesday and Friday, along with these two or if you want to go five days a week and do not need you can pick it because you’re at your own workout program, okay, so how many exercises to do? It really depends on the person, the workout program.

All of that, but generally remember, this is general. It’s, two to four exercises per muscle group. Now this is general. I have gone to the gym before where I have done ten sets of squats, and that is my whole workout.

I’m, like I’m, not doing anything more than that. So technically that is one exercise and that’s, not even on here. So don ‘ T think that this is the only thing that you can do. There are so many different things you can do, but we’ll.

Keep it in general, so general, two, two four four muscle group next thing: how many sets and how many reps to do this is also can be very general because you guys might have seen me do reps before, where you might have seen me.

Do ascending ladders and descending ladders got one right way to train, but let’s, keep it general all right. I keep saying that because I feel like there’s just so much that goes into like workout programs.

It’s hard for me to simplify things, but I’m doing the best I can for you guys. This is for my beginners alright, so how many sets to do and how many reps, like I said this is gonna depend on the workout program.

This is very general generally, when you are strength training, you are trying to gain strength in your body. It’s, usually the one to five rep range. If you are trying to build muscle, this is going to be generally six to 12 rep range.

You are trying to uncover that muscle and get your endurance up and get some shreds going. That’s, usually 15 reps and up so the way that I train guys is, I kind of utilize all three different ways of training.

Sometimes you’ll, see me doing like descending ladders, where I will do 15 reps and then I will do 12 reps, then ten and eight and six then maybe even down to four. I’ve done that and then going all the way back up, so I’ll descend and then descend if that makes any sense.

So let me just draw that out real quick. So sometimes I’ll start off with doing like fifteen reps the first set, and then I will do 12 reps and then I will do ten and then I will do eight and then six and then possibly four.

This is one two three four five six different sets, but you’re, utilizing all three of these different training styles. Technically this is descending and then you’re gonna ascend. Back up what the reason I’m, showing you guys this is because I don’t want you guys to think.

Oh. In order to build muscle, I can only stay in this rep range in order to get stronger. I can only do this rep range there’s, not one right way to Train there’s, not one. There’s, not one exact workout program that works for everyone.

Everyone is different and it’s fun. To keep it different and change it up, you know so that’s. Why I like that – and I also like to do these descending ladders, because you’re, starting out with higher reps and working your way down to lower reps.

You’re, going to be increasing your weight along this time, so it’s, going to be less chance of injury instead of jumping into and power lifters. Do this too. You know that they warm up their body. They don’t, just walk in the gym and say: okay, I’m.

Only gonna do one to five reps. They have to warm up their body properly for the sake of this video, if you are a beginner, let’s start you out, like three sets of twelve to fifteen dekho. This is like a safe number.

Three sets of twelve to fifteen, but don’t feel like this is the only thing you have to do. Maybe you want to do three sets of eight to ten figure out what works best for you. You know okay, so moving on, I kind of threw together this workout fan for a beginner and just kind of like mapped it out, and I want to go over a little bit.

So, first of all, before any of these, you’re gonna have to have to do a proper warm-up, and I did not have time to map that out. So this video is probably maybe long as it is so sorry guys. Maybe we’ll.

Do that in another video proper warm-ups are extremely important in order to get the muscle development growth cuts that you want and strength. Let’s, say Monday, legs shoulders, calves. This is a long day, as you can see.

I’m at down tree here here’s, your leg movements and I put some casts here and then I put two shoulder workouts. So there you go so that’s Monday and we have Tuesday, cardio and abs. Do whatever you want, go to Zumba, go, go swim, go sprint, go run, go! Give your boyfriend a piggyback ride for like an hour, do whatever is like fun and you enjoy jump on the treadmill John.

With this day in Myr, a certain lift cool, join a cycling class. I freaking hate cardio and then, when it comes to ABS, maybe choose two to four and two to four: promotes a group two to four exercises for your abs on Tuesdays and then we’re going to back and biceps.

This would be Wednesday. You’re, going to do a seated cable row, lat pulldown bent over barbell row or dumbbell row. If you’re, not strong enough to do barbell – and this is another reason that there’s – a lot of technical things that go into putting together a workout program.

So the reason that I picked out these different rows and these different movements for back is that you have your seated cable row where it you’re, pulling like this. You’re pulling horizontally and then you’re, going to have your lat pulldown, where you’re pulling down vertically, and then you’re, going to have your bent over barbell dumbbell row where you’re pulling vertically, but a dead and upwards angle.

You got ta mix it up and then I added hammer curls for your biceps and alternating dumbbell curls for your biceps. The next day, Thursday, would be cardio, abs, Friday. This is chest and triceps. I just kind of drew in a chest and triceps workout real, quick and I have push-ups 25 reps and that doesn’t mean that you do 25 in row.

I put 20. If you can only do 15 or 20 do. However, you can take breaks as you need them now. I like to do a hundred push-ups for a warm-up. Sometimes I just like bust it out, but it took me a long time to get to that point.

There was a while, where I would do 50 pushups and a little do and then, like literally take a break, wait till I can kind of and then go back into it and do another one and then just kind of wait for a second takes a lot Of patience, but you got to get there push-ups dumbbell chest press.

You can do it on the bench if you want, but I prefer laying on the ground with your head. If you’re a beginner, you can do it on the bench. You can do it laying on the ground where you’ve, your chest press come both fly’s.

That would be the last chest, exercise overhead, tricep, extensions and bench dips, and that would be it. So I literally just like sketch this out real quick guys. So this is a very general beginner workout plan.

The leg, shoulders and calves might look a little bit intimidating right now, you’re, not able to get to the full workout don’t feel like you have to do. Every single thing. Very general way to set up a workout program I didn’t want to say one thing.

The reason that I wanted to make this video is because, when I started my fitness journey, I was a broke college student. So I couldn’t afford a coach. I couldn’t afford a trainer. I couldn’t afford any of that, and you know I had gained quite a bit of weight, so I feel for people when you can’t afford a coach or a trainer, and then I feel for people that are coaching a Trainer and they say hey, look.

I need to also make money. This is my way of living. That’s. Why? I was so passionate about about wanting to make this video, because I know that not everyone can afford a coach. Not everyone can afford a trainer and you might only be able to sketch out a generalized plan for yourself, but it’s, still something hopeful.

It sells something that can help you with your fitness journey. It’s, not like. I told you the exact way of how to do everything, but I do hope that it does help some people out there. I know that I would have really really appreciated this video.

When I first started my fitness journey, which is why I wanted to make it so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I would have a long time ago going to do a thumbs up if you liked it. Maybe I’ll. Make more like this and if you guys have another topic for YouTube video, you want to see make sure to comment below and yeah.

So I got also, if you give this video a thumbs up, and you comment – you have a chance to win a tub of protein. I’m gonna pick a winner in 24 hours after I post this video. So, thank you guys so much for watching and I’m wearing a new buff bunny collection leggings.

If you guys have a little cell. Okay, alright, bye, guys

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