Cristiano Ronaldo Shows his Workout Routine!


Hi guys this is my Jean I’m, going to show you my region. Do it the weekend. I hope you like it. I give you a small advice before the workout boot in a paper what you gonna do so you don ‘ T, stop your written.

You check you, do it, you check you, do it his my advice, so I’m gonna show you what I do it in my my daily life. Okay, I hope you enjoy. First of all, let’s. Do it legs so for exercise my advice to do it quickly? First, you I do it fine laps, but I recommend, when you start to do it three months in that place where one to jump one two, it jump one two jump one two jump eight times.

So some push up, so you open the marks. You do if you feel base offer within knees. You do like that. I think 20 or 10 there is besides. Apps are favorites, so you lose the tanks of 25. So I recommend the beginning.

This is my double home. She dropped me. It’s. Okay, it’s, part of my my life so want, and then of that one, the passing once you understand, so I will commit in the beginning savings of ten to two three times.

Okay, so be like that. So, for exercise and in front push push push right, push push push okay for the legs as well, so is it the single ones, presence it wasn’t as well? We do it like that. More effective! Okay, this you open your legs and do it like that n times or Wendy.

I’m, going to repeat all the time versus accepting you. So let’s, do it, which is very for apps, on the power of reigns. So all exercise so ten one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine six, one, two! Six! If you feel good touching me, get one right this right! This one is very important.

So, except you, I’m going to be time so that one hits lower back this muscle here very important. Well, Oh, what to do for i-69 thing, the rest 10 seconds and you do it again: 1. 2! Then the dog great.

So this is what I do every time. I hope you enjoyed my videos. This is my workout and my advice to do it. Three laps. I knew it. Five

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