Nutrition – the Interval Weight Loss approach

Weight Loss Meals
This video gives you a break down of nutrition and meals on the Interval Weight Loss plan.
Learn what foods to eat; what portion sizes to have and when to have them and understand the difference between eating during the weight loss months vs weight maintenance months.

Follow these guides and take the stepped approach to weight loss with A method that has been clinically tested and proven to work.

By following the Interval Weight Loss method while eating the right amounts of the right foods you will lose weight and keep it off.

Dr Nick Fuller is the Research Program Lead at the University of Sydney and founder of Interval Weight Loss.

He holds the following qualifications:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Obesity Treatment –
University of Sydney

Bachelors Degree, Human Movement –
University of Technology Sydney

Masters Degree, Nutrition & Dietetics –
University of Sydney

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