Juicing for Beginners • Lose 10lbs Fast

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Juicing for Beginners … Detox Cleanse Juicing Recipes

Carrot Orange Ginger Juice: Awesome for hair, skin, and digestion…rich in Vitamin A
2lb bag of fresh carrots
8 peeled small oranges
1/4 cup of ginger (this is quite a bit so add it gradually to taste)

My Go To Green Juice: perfect for weight loss and balancing PH, super detoxifying with tons of health benefits
1 bunch of fresh kale or 2 big handfuls
1 brunch celery
2-3 cucumbers (perfect base for smoothies as well, in place of water)
3 green apples, 3 red apples sliced with skin on
Juice from 3 small lemons

Juice will stay fresh up to 3days refrigerated!
Storage carafes from Michaels
Juicer https://amzn.to/2IhwJj5

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