I’m a Yoga Instructor, and These 5 Stretches Relieved My Plantar Fasciitis Pain From Running


I dealt with the pain of plantar fasciitis back in the spring of 2019 when the warmer weather inspired me to start running more. The physical therapist I saw recommended some exercises to help heal, but to be honest, they didn’t work. The only thing that helped was taking a break from any type of running or jumping in my CrossFit classes.

Fast forward to spring 2020 and when my CrossFit gym had to close because of the pandemic, the warmer weather once again inspired me to run outside — it was essential for my mental health. I knew I had to take it slow in order to prevent my plantar fasciitis from flaring up, but unfortunately after that first week, I was back in pain, and even walking from the bed to the bathroom was excruciating.

As a yoga instructor, I knew thoroughly and consistently (that was the key!) stretching out my feet and legs would help relieve the pain, so I made a point to take a few minutes to stretch after every run. Six months later, I’ve been running five to seven miles, four to five days a week, and I have very minimal pain thanks to these five stretches. If you suffer from this common running injury, don’t poo-poo stretching! It worked for me, and I’m so grateful I can still run.

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