Cellulite Removing & Fat Burning Juices Recipe (3 Extreme Weight Loss Drinks)

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Pink Grapefruit contains ingredients that help break down cellulite and prevent the formation of new fat cells by inhibiting adipogenesis below the skin.
Celery juice is is low in calories and can aid weight loss along with Detoxfication

1. Pink Graperfruit Magic Juice
You Need:
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 Orange
A tablespoon of Ginger
A pinch of Black pepper
Cut the Pink Grapefruit
Cut the Orange
Squeeze both grapefruit and Orange using a squeezer
To this juice, add 1 tablespoon of Chopped Ginger
Add a pinch of black pepper
Blend it.
Enjoy the fresh juice. This juice helps in burning fat and removing cellulite and stubborn fat

2. Celery wild weight loss drink
You Need:
2 full Celery sticks
A tablespoon of Ginger
A slice of Lemon
Chop the Celery into fine pieces
Cut a slice of Lemon
Chop ginger into small pieces
To a blender jar, add Celery and one tablespoon of Ginger.
Blend it and strain the juice.
Squeeze fresh lemon into that

Enjoy the fresh juice. This juice helps in weight loss and fat burning
3. Kale Calorie burner drink
You Need:
Green Apple
Cayenne pepper
Chop the Kale and green apple.
Cut a slice of Lemon

To a blender jar, add Kale and Green apple
Blend it and strain the juice
Add a dash of Cayenne pepper

Enjoy the fresh juice. This juice helps in burning calories faster
Cellulite Removing & Fat Burning Juice Recipe

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