Can You Want Weight Loss AND Intuitive Eating?

Weight Loss Meals
In this episode I’m answering the infamous question: Can you want weight loss AND intuitive eating?! It’s a hot topic and my answer might surprise you.

Wanting weight loss is not bad. It’s actually normal, I mean, we’ve been conditioned by diet culture to want it, to think it will be the magic cure we’ve been searching for. But? It isn’t.

However, weight loss is not bad. I believe that we all have a “happy weight” where we feel our best mentally and physically, and can maintain this weight (within a range) effortlessly. In order to find this weight 3 things can happen: Weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance. And? None of these things are bad! That being said, weight loss is not bad.

I do believe that losing weight intentionally won’t work- not long-term and not for your mental health. What WILL work is when you shift away from the weight loss, wanting to shed pounds, and looking for that happy weight that you FEEL best at- mentally and physically. That is how you live your best life. That is how you find a sustainable style of eating that allows you to feel amazing!

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