Dietitian Reviews FOOD COMBINING DIET with Kenzie Burke Health for Weight Loss

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In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, I am discussing the major claims around food combining by reviewing one a video by YouTuber Kenzie Burke.

The rules around food combining suggest that you should eat some foods together and other separately.

I take you through a brief anatomy class to discuss our digestive system. Instead of Kenzie’s one way street analogy, I describe our digestive tract as more like a massive six lane highway.

I could not find any evidence to support that our digestive system uses 80-90% of our energy, and realistically that sounds a little crazy.

We don’t want our food to pass right through us and instead we want it to take longer to increase our satiety and maintain steady blood sugar levels.

All of the benefits that Kenzie mentions have nothing to do with food combining and have more to do with other lifestyle changes like staying hydrated, being physically active, eating throughout the day and managing stress and sleep.

There is no evidence that eating alkaline, acidic or neutral foods can significantly change the pH of your digestive tract.

When it comes to weight loss, there has only been one study to look at food combining and weight loss, and while they lost weight, the food combining diet offered no benefit over a balanced healthy diet.

I am concerned, because a lot of what Kenzie says reminds her of orthorexia behaviour.

Another important note is that even though she’s a health coach, she is not licensed by a higher body which gives her a huge amount of influence over her followers with very little credibility.

There are incidences when food combining is effective, like combining vitamin C with iron foods to increase the iron absorption, eating fat with fat soluble vitamins and combining carbs and protein or fat before or after a workout or to stabilize blood sugar levels.

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