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Weight Loss Meals
The kapha weight loss diet should focus on lighter foods. The kapha diet plan should focus on eating the bitter, pungent and astringent tastes.
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This ayurvedic food list encourages recipes with dark leafy greens, vegetable soups, toasted granola, fresh fruit and seeds to aid in kapha weight loss. The kapha body type will aid in smooth digestion from healthy, lighter foods.


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The 6 tastes

According to ayurveda there are 6 tastes that all play an essential role in your overall health. The 6 tastes in ayurveda are sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and astringent. The kapha weight loss diet food list focuses on the bitter, pungent and astringent tastes in order to balance kapha dosha. 

Kapha dosha pacifying tastes

Absorbs excess moisture, relieves congestion, in addition to being a digestive tonic to clear the GI tract (riding kapha’s sluggishness!)

Stimulates digestive fire and is also very drying (bringing more heat to sluggish, cold kapha!). Cleanses the blood, clears the sense (kapha mucus), thins the blood and clots, reduces cholesterol.

Loosens mucus and cough. Creates lightness in the body (to lift kapha off the couch!)

Kapha weight-loss diet should focus on consuming lighter, drier foods to balance kapha natural heavy, moist qualities. Choose fruit or toasted muesli in the morning. Stick with a dark leafy green salad for lunch, and try a vegetable soup for dinner.

Stay intuitive with your body and how food makes it feel.

Leafy green,


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