30 Days Weight Loss Challenge | Week 2 Diet Plan & Workout Routine|Weight loss Result Of Our Family

Weight Loss Workout
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This is second week of our great 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge We have Started it on Sep 7th 2020.

You can find 2ndweek diet plan in today’s video.

We are doing a collab video with “Little World Malayalam” Channel. They will Help you make some of the Recipes that include in our diet plan.

Support them too dears????????
Channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClNZCdXU8w5j01QHT_VCx6Q

Morning Weight Loss Drink :

മുത്താറി കുറുക്ക്(Raggi Porridge ) : https://youtu.be/gRoPBXBNUSw

Workout Routine
Monday – Full Body / Zumba
Zumba link : Michelle Vo Fitness :

Tuesday – Walking + Belly Fat Loss
Wednesday – Full Body + Thigh Fat Loss
Thursday – Walking + Breast Fat Reduction
Friday – Walking
Saturday – Full Body / Zumba

All the Best For Your Weight Loss Journey ????????????????

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