Get These Keto-Friendly Breads and Buns at Costco ASAP For Your Next Summer Sandwich


Finding products that fit your keto diet at Costco isn’t a difficult task — here’s a list to try from last year. The next time you’re there, you may want to track down keto-friendly bread and buns from Natural Ovens Bakery, the newest find by the trusted @costcobuys Instagram account.

As for price, @costcobuys confirmed to POPSUGAR that the buns are under $7 and the bread is under $8. Photos shared show white bread with 40 calories and 0 net carbs (12 grams of carbohydrates minus 12 grams of fiber) and sandwich buns with 90 calories and 1 net carb (26 grams of carbohydrates minus 25 grams of fiber). Both are made with a “zero net carb blend” consisting of modified wheat starch, wheat gluten, oat fiber, and more. Click through the slideshow above for the full nutrition facts! (You can also see the facts for the buns more clearly in this separate post.)

Note: the bread and buns contain wheat, which is generally recommended that you stay away from when on the keto diet — perhaps why these products are called keto-friendly and not 100-percent keto. “While traditional bread — yes, even whole wheat and whole grain — is too high in carbohydrates to include on a ketogenic diet, there are several great low-carb bread recipes and products that can be included if you miss the occasional sandwich or roll with your meal,” registered dietitian Sarah Koenck from Virta Health told POPSUGAR in the past.

That being said, the net carbs in the bread and the buns from Natural Ovens Bakery are minimal if you’re tracking those. Plus, if you are personally limiting your wheat intake instead of nixing it altogether, these options could very well suffice for you!

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