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Weight Loss Workout
Welcome back – this week we will look into a powerful techniques and ideas for Weight Loss.

Now for the connoisseur, dont get too fizzy …. this is too give ideas and concepts. Just because they dont fit you model, doesn’t mean they wont work…… This tactic works for me and mine.

Lots of therapists miss the mind body connect when dealing with weight management, they also dont clear the clients emotional baggage.

Here are some ideas and concepts that I want you to use or take the bits you like…. now this isnt your classical way….. but Classical is a dying art!

Dont forget this is only the first step ….. nutrition and fitness next, but guess what…..Getting the person to like themselves first….is the winner!

This is dynamic and authoritarian …..but guess what …. it works!!!

All the best folks, til next time

Be safe, be ethical and have fun…..

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Karl Smith
UK Hypnosis Academy

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