7 Reasons Juicing Is Making You Fat

The benefits of juicing are undeniable. Not only have I watched hundreds of people have incredible life-transformations that began with juicing, but my own life has never been the same since I was handed my first cup of green goodness.

Have you already tried juicing and it just didn’t work out for you?

Did juicing make you…

gain weight?
feel tired?
upset your digestion?
…have no effect at all?

I think I know why. You are juicing WRONG!

Here are 7 reasons why juicing is making you weak and fat…

#1 Your juice contains too much sugar
#2 You are not eating enough food
#3 You’re drinking juice on an already full stomach
#4 You’re waiting too long to drink your juice
#5 You’re juicing the same things over and over again
#6 You’re not juicing the skins, rinds and peels
#7 You’re not juicing consistently

If you haven’t been successful juicing, DON’T GIVE UP!

The benefits of Juicing are ENORMOUS, as HUNDREDS of our readers will jump to tell you. It has changed my life and will also change yours, if you let it.

Like anything in life, juicing takes practice, dedicated, and some guidance from those more experienced.

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