How To Lose Fat Fast With The Keto Diet | Use The Keto Diet 4 Rapid Fast Loss (Health Coach Tara)

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Question: “What do you do with the keto diet… to get the fastest weight loss? Do you exercise? Do you take a fat burner… how do you accelerate fat loss with the keto diet?

Here’s some quick tips for losing fast fat on the keto diet:

#1 16 to 18 hour intermittent fasting every day. This will extend your body’s fat burning period…and the amount of time it has to turn over the dead cells and do all the “cleaning, repairs and maintenance”…the detoxification processes that are important for health.

Along with this, make sure you’re getting enough hydration so your body can flush these waste products out.

#2 Get Adequate Sleep
Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality will wreak havoc on our health and can lead to our body holding onto extra pounds.

Use these tips to improve your quality of sleep:
–Turn on “blue light blocking” settings on your phone, tablet and laptop to turn on around 5pm.
–Wear blue light blocking glasses starting around 5-6pm each evening. Blue light, produced by our indoor lights, stimulate us and keep us awake.
????Blue light blocking glasses we have: ????

–Sleep in a completely dark room or wear a sleep mask.

Tara’s favorite sleep mask:

For night lights, use a red night light. We have these in our bathroom to light our path…

You can also get red light bulbs if you need to leave a light on somewhere in the house at night that shines into a room where you’re sleeping. We have these in our reading lights above our bed for ambient light when needed in the evening.

#3 Get on point with your macros
Use a comprehensive tool like Cronometer to track your food intake. If you want to lose weight quickly, you’ve just gotta do this part.
Get a free Cronometer account here:

#4 Exercise
But, don’t jump into an extreme exercise program. This can over-stress your body if you aren’t already working out at this level. Instead, focus on getting your heart rate up with light walks, yoga, Pilates, stretching…

????Exercise will make you feel GOOD in your body, improve your mood, improve your quality of sleep and provide you with a ton of other benefits.

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